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Introducing the unique archive of anthropologist Hilma Granqvist

The Swedish-speaking Finn Hilma Granqvist (1890–1972) was one of the pioneers in modern anthropology and her fieldwork in Palestine during the 1920s and 30s have gained worldwide attention. Her research material has been in great demand, although it is difficult to access.  It is now being made available for readers and scholars in a digital archive.

Granqvist studied life cycle events in the Palestinian village of Artas during the 1920s and the 30s, a field work that produced five extensive volumes on the world view of Arab Muslims. Her documentation of a disappearing Palestinian society during a politically turbulent time, as well as her records on the local Arab dialect, have proven to be invaluable. Granqvist’s unique insight into the everyday life of Palestinian women still today offers an exceptional source for research.

The archival material is being published step by step, and will include Granqvist’s travel diaries, field notes, letters, photographs, and published books. The material is freely available and is published.



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From digital border control to a new wealth elite – eleven projects have been selected by the research programme Future Challenges in the Nordics

Eleven projects have been selected for funding as part of the research programme, Future Challenges in the Nordics – People, Culture and Society. The projects represent everything from digital health and law to climate research and cultural studies. The total amount of financing is about 10.5 million euros.

Future Challenges in the Nordics is a seven-year research programme that stimulates research within humanities and social sciences in the Nordics. The programme focuses on the large societal challenges of the 21st century and how those challenges are understood and handled within the Nordic societies. During the spring, the programme received 449 applications for funding and now the final selection of 11 applications has been made.