Authors’ residences

We manage two authors’ residences: Diktarhemmet in Porvoo and Författargården Abrams in Vöyri.


Diktarhemmet in Porvoo was built in 1765 in the Old Town. Ever since it was donated by Mathilde and Holger Schildt to the Swedish Writers’ Association of Finland in 1921, it has been a residence of honour for Finland-Swedish writers.

In June 2001, the Swedish Writers’ Association of Finland (Finlands svenska författareförening) donated Diktarhemmet to SLS, and a committee with representatives from the Swedish Writers’ Association of Finland and SLS decides on the right of residence. Currently, the author Ulla-Lena Lundberg lives in Diktarhemmet.

Diktarhemmet in Porvoo. Image: SLS/Janne Rentola

Författargården Abrams

Författargården Abrams in Andkil, Vöyri was built around the turn of the century 1800. The farm was bequeathed to SLS by businesswoman Matilda Westin. In 1992, the farm was turned into a residence for a Swedish-speaking author. The right to live in Abramsgården is granted on a temporary basis by the SLS Scholarly Board. The cultural worker and journalist Peter Lüttge currently lives in Abramsgården.

Abramsgården in Vöyri. Image: SLS/Linus Lindholm