Scholarship holders Kenneth Bamberg, Micaela Romantschuk, Johanna Wassholm and Rafael Donner at Drakamöllan 2021. Image: Manne Widund/SLS. 

Scholarship for a stay at Drakamöllan – Nordic Forum for Culture and Science

What is Drakamöllan?

At Drakamöllan, an old Skåne farm in Österlen in southern Sweden, a Nordic meeting place for researchers and opinion leaders has been created. The forum aims to strengthen the historical ties between the Nordic countries and create new contact areas and platforms across borders.

Drakamöllan offers the ideal setting for those who need to focus on an urgent project, take on a new area, complete a task or for creativity in a broad sense.

An important part of the stay is the shared meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered every day. The evening meal, in particular, is intended as a forum and a meeting place for exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Bild på Skånegården Drakamöllan med omgivning.

Who can apply

  • Long-term researchers in the humanities and social sciences working in Finland.

  • Opinion makers (authors, journalists, artists, social influencers, etc.) working in Finland.

When to apply

The grants are announced twice a year. When the application period is open, you will find the link to the application on the home page of this website.

What is included in the grant

The grant, totalling €3,000, includes full board in a single room and access to a separate workspace (€2,000) and travel costs to and from Drakamöllan (€1,000).

Do you have any questions?

Contact General Counsel Jonas Lång,

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