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Setting up a fund

We are one of the largest administrators of charitable donations in Finland.

Since 1885, we have received generous gifts and bequests to support Swedish culture in our country.

Our funds

We have extensive experience in managing endowment funds. Today, we are responsible for about 130 funds for our own distribution and operations, and own and manage the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s nearly 500 funds.

Our operations are possible thanks to the stable foundation built by far-sighted donors, which over time has grown into a significant fund capital. As a major asset manager, we work to realise the wishes and visions of our donors; that is to promote Swedish culture, research and education in Finland.

The donor chooses the purpose

Establishing a new fund is easy. Through a deed of gift or will, you can leave funds to support the preservation of Swedish cultural heritage in Finland. We will follow your wishes regarding the use of the donated funds, capital or income.

From the funds received, we will establish a fund that will exist in perpetuity, unless otherwise specified. As a donor, you can specify the purpose of the fund, but it can also more generally support our purposes or those of the Swedish Cultural Foundation.

In connection with donations, it is also possible to:

  • Get help with questions concerning the archiving of material. Our archive contains a large amount of archive material from our donors.
  • Agree on the management of the donor’s and relatives’ graves and archives. We are currently responsible for the management of around 200 graves.

How we manage funds

Our fund management is characterised by stability, a long-term approach and great respect for the trust the donor has placed in us. We strictly follow the donor’s wishes regarding the use of the donated funds.

Our funds are managed by reliable and experienced managers. Donated funds are professionally invested according to best practices under the supervision of experienced experts and our approximately 1,000 association members. The average annual return on our investments has been around 8% over the past 25 years.

We are committed to transparency and are keen to report clearly on our management. As a donor, you can rely on us to manage your donated funds responsibly and according to the given guidelines.

Donated funds are generally managed together with our other fund assets. The return on the jointly managed fund assets is distributed to the funds in proportion to their capital.

We are not liable for tax on inheritances or gifts we receive. Companies and other organisations can deduct donations to us of up to EUR 50 000 per year from their taxable income. Under current legislation, private individuals are not entitled to a tax deduction for their donations.

Contact us

Please contact our CEO Björn Teir for a more detailed discussion on how you can contribute to strengthening Swedish culture in Finland.

+358 50 553 51 08