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Postdoctoral positions

Who can apply

Postdoctoral positions are available in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Researchers who have completed their PhD no more than five years ago (limit does not apply to those who have been on military service, parental leave and extended sick leave) can apply for the position.

The research must concern the Swedish cultural heritage in Finland or the Swedish language in Finland. The position can be applied for regardless of mother tongue, nationality, or place of residence.

The postdoctoral positions are located at a university in Finland according to the applicant’s wishes. If you wish to apply for a grant at the same time, you must submit a separate application.

When we assess proposals for research funding, we place emphasis on whether the research will result in openly accessible digital material, openly accessible digital research methods and openly accessible research results. We follow the principle: “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”.

When to apply

Positions are not advertised annually but are advertised separately.

Instructions for application

Once the call is open, you can preview the application form via the “Preview application form” function before starting to fill in the application.

Log in to the application system as an organisation (university, other higher education institution, or research institute).

Write your application in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, or English.

Fill in the main subject area only.

Attach a certificate of your doctoral degree. A non-doctoral candidate can apply for the position if the statements of the preliminary reviewers are available. The statements should be attached to the application.

More detailed instructions can be found in the application form. 

The research plan is part of the application form and consists of the following sections: background and state of current research, goals and research questions, research methods and materials, expected results, publishing and how the research relates to the Swedish language and the Swedish cultural heritage in Finland.

The research plan should not be appended to the application.

The curriculum vitae must comply with the principles of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK; see curriculum vitae for researchers.

Prepare the list according to the Research Council of Finland’s guidelines; see list of publications.

Attach a separate publication plan to your application. Any costs for open access publishing must be considered in the budget.

SLS does not grant funding for publication in hybrid journals.

Consider any costs related to data management in the budget. The funded researcher will draw up a data management plan.

State the salary based on the salary conditions at the university to which you as a researcher want to be assigned. Also include any travel, publication, data management, digitisation and other costs in the budget.

Include the names of one or two referees in your application.

What happens to the application?

Applications are evaluated by our Research Committee, which makes a proposal for the position. Our Scholarly Board decides who gets the position, usually in April.

We notify all applicants by email. We do not justify or comment on positive or negative decisions.

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