Price list for copies of archival material

As a customer, you receive a certain number of copies of our archival material free of charge each year. If the quantity is exceeded, we will invoice you according to the price list.

Free copies per calendar year

  • 30 high-quality digitised photographs or pages
  • 20 audio or film files (unedited files)
  • 40 paper copies, printouts or pdf files

Price list for copies exceeding the free allowance

  • high-quality photographs and documents: €5 per image or document
  • audio and film: €7.50/file
  • paper copies, printouts, pdf files: 40 cents/page

Delivery and material cost

  • By e-mail or by download: €0
  • USB memory stick: €5

Normal delivery within 10 working days or by appointment. Minimum billing is €10. For orders requiring specialised image and sound processing or editing, additional costs will be charged on an hourly basis (€40/hour). Delivery time and costs for larger orders (over €100) by agreement with the archive.

Note! Material placed at the National Library is invoiced according to the National Library’s price list.