Application For A Post-doctoral Research Position

Post-doctoral positions can be applied for within the fields of ethnology, folklore studies, history, literature, the Swedish language, and the social sciences.

Researchers who completed a PhD not more than five years ago (not including military service, parental leave and long-term sick leave) are eligible to apply.

The research must concern Swedish cultural heritage in Finland or the Swedish language in Finland. All scholars can apply for the research position, irrespective of their native language or nationality.

The post-doctoral positions will be based at a university in Finland in line with the request of the applicant.

The position will be entitled “SLS researcher” (SLS-forskare).

If applicants simultaneously wish to apply for a grant, a separate grant application needs to be made.

For further information, please contact Head of Research Christer Kuvaja ( , phone: +358 9 618 77 101).

How to apply

Post-doctoral positions in selected fields are announced separately. Submit your application to while the application window is open. You can preview the application form via the "Preview application form" function before you start filling in the application.

Apply here

Please read the instructions

The award process

We notify all applicants for a post-doctoral position of the decision by e-mail. Decisions on post-doctoral positions are made in April and in November.

The Scholarly Committee that announced the post submits a shortlist of candidates to SLS’ Scholarly Board. If a post-doctoral position is announced jointly by more than one committee, the relevant committees act as experts, and their statements are accordingly sent to the SLS Research Committee, which then draws up a shortlist of candidates for the Scholarly Board.

SLS does not justify or comment on decisions.