Publishing & Foreign Rights

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) publishes works of scholarship and non-fiction about the culture, language, society and history of Finland’s Swedish-speaking minority.

SLS also specializes in scholarly, annotated editions of works by literary authors and of historical source material. SLS is one of the leading publishers of critical editions in the Nordic region and is a pioneer in the development of digital publishing platforms for such editions.

SLS is a non-profit scholarly society founded in 1885. Its purpose is to disseminate knowledge about Finland’s Swedish-language culture. Swedish is the Society’s principal language of publication.

SLS places great emphasis both on the editorial processing of its books and on their graphic design. The publisher’s motto – “Sustainable Publishing” – stands for a high level of scholarship and non-fiction writing, continuity over time, and environmental awareness in production. Publications in the main series Skrifter utgivna av Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland have undergone peer review. Most of the books are richly illustrated, and a large share of the pictures come from SLS’s own extensive archives. A number of SLS’s titles reach the book market in Sweden through collaboration with Swedish publishers.

If interested in international rights to SLS’s titles, please contact:

Jennica Thylin-Klaus
Head of Publishing