Contemporary Nordic Literature and Spatiality

Contemporary Nordic Literature and Spatiality 1.11.2019

In recent years, the spatial turn in the humanities and social sciences has given rise to an explosion of innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship. Developing the insights of current spatial studies, spatial literary studies reveal, analyze and explore the dynamic relations of space, place and mapping in literature and in the world. This seminar takes its point of departure in the spatial tracks and trails of contemporary Nordic literature. It elaborates on the ways spaces become stories and argues that studying the real and imagined spaces of literature offers important knowledge of a North in flux, culturally, socially as well as ecologically.

This seminar also celebrates the publication of Contemporary Nordic Literature and Spatiality (eds. Kristina Malmio and Kaisa Kurikka) which contributes to the field of spatial literary studies and offers a detailed mapping of important trends in recent Nordic literature. Using timely spatial approaches, it investigates the imaginary geographies of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish literature, and scrutinizes how the various narrative worlds and spaces relate to the problems of late modernity.

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14:15 Kristina Malmio (University of Helsinki) & Kaisa Kurikka (University of Turku): Spatial Stories of the Nordic Countries

14:45 Lieven Ameel (University of Turku): "To the the end of the world" – Urban Apocalypse in Mikko Rimminen's Early Prose

15:15 Short break

15:30 Elisabeth Friis (Lund University): On the Commons: a Geocritical Reading of Amager Fælled

16:00 Ralf Andtbacka (poet): Potsdamer Platz as Historical and Imaginative Space

16:30 Reception




The seminar will be held in English. 


Contemporary Nordic Literature and Spatiality 1.11.2019

The book, Contemporary Nordic Literature and Spatiality