Referring To SLS In Public Contexts

If you have been awarded a grant, funding or research funding from the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland us, you must acknowledge SLS as a source of funding.

You need to acknowledge the funding you have been granted by us in public contexts, in presentations and on websites, and in all printed and digital publications. Do this by using the SLS logo and the name Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in full. If the funding comes from a named fund, the name of the fund must also be stated in line with the model wording:

[name of project/publication] was financed by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland with funding from [Full name of the fund/funds].

If you have questions about the use of the SLS logo or name, contact Head of Communications Marika Mäklin (znevxn.znxyva@fyf.svif.sls@nilkam.akiram ).

The SLS logo

The SLS logo consists of the SLS symbol (wreath with the letters SLS in the centre) and the text logo. The logo is mainly used with the symbol on the left and the text logo on the right . The other versions are only used when the main version of the logo is not suitable.

The logo can be used in colour, in black or in white. It should always be used in its original design. The spacing and proportions are defined and must not be changed. If other logos are included in the material, the SLS logo should be at least the same size as these.

Download the SLS logo:

SLS logo colour  SLS logo black  SLS logo white

The name of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

Swedish: Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland
English: Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
German: Schwedische Literaturgesellschaft in Finnland
French: Société de la littérature Suédoise de Finlande