Project Funding Applications

The application window for research project funding is in March. Funding for collection, publication and outline projects is announced separately.

Research projects

Projects may be within one discipline or be multidisciplinary. They must be based on academic research aimed at adding to the existing body of knowledge.

It is preferable that the project involves scholars from different stages of their academic careers.

Projects conducted by one person are permitted provided that the applicant is a post-doctoral researcher and no more than four years have elapsed since they gained their doctorate. However, PhD students may submit an application for post-doctoral research if their thesis has undergone preliminary examination and been approved by the preliminary examiners.

The researchers involved in the project will be employed by a university, university college or research institute. The researchers will be paid a salary or fee. The head of the project must be employed by or affiliated to a university, university college or research institute. It is not possible for one and the same person to head more than one project.

The same scholar may participate in a maximum of two simultaneous project applications.

Outline projects

These are projects whose purpose is to conduct an in-depth analysis and review of existing academic research. The projects may also incorporate new research. The end result is an outline work.

Infrastructure projects

Collection projects are to grow the collections in the SLS archives, in accordance with the Archive's collection profiles. The collection can be done in the form of questionnaires, calls or interviews. Collection projects may also include digitisation of the collected material.

Publication projects are scholarly editions of source works or scholarly editions of the posthumous papers of individuals (such as authors, scholars or cultural figures). Projects that result in annotated material entities or databases as well as digitisation of material are also included.

Digitisation projects are proposals for digitisation of larger entities of material.

For more information, contact Head of Research Christer Kuvaja (phone: + 358 40 152 2314, puevfgre.xhinwn@fyf.svif.sls@ajavuk.retsirhc ).

How to apply

Please submit your application for research and outline projects to while the application window is open.

Please read the instructions

The award process

  • Research and outline projects

    The assessment of projects is a two-step process. In step 1, applicants submit a brief project description, on the basis of which applications are shortlisted for the next round by the SLS Research Committee (April).

    The projects shortlisted for step 2 have to submit a detailed project plan at the beginning of June. The plans are evaluated by external, independent evaluators. The statements from the evaluators are sent to applicants once SLS’ Scholarly Board has reached its decision on which projects are to be awarded funding (October–November).