Project Funding Application Instructions

SLS announces the opening of applications for funding for infrastructure and outline projects separately. The application window for research project funding is in March.

Applications for research and outline projects as well as proposals for infrastructure projects are submitted via the SLS’ online application system.

For more information, contact Head of Research Christer Kuvaja (phone: +358 40 152 2314, puevfgre.xhinwn@fyf.svif.sls@ajavuk.retsirhc ).

  • Project description (research projects, step 1)

    The application must include a brief description of the project, written in Swedish or in English. The description must not exceed 6,000 characters. It is to include a description of the relevance of the project to the Swedish language, the Swedish-speaking population or Swedish cultural heritage in Finland, and an estimated budget. Overheads are calculated as 20 per cent of salary costs and associated salary costs. The project description can be structured as the applicant wishes.

  • Research plan/Project plan (research projects, step 2)

    The project plan must not exceed 20,000 characters. It must not contain tables, charts, images, or a bibliography. These should be enclosed as appendices to the application.

    Research projects: The project plan should be written in Swedish, or in exceptional cases in English, and should follow the Academy of Finland’s research plan guidelines.

    Collection, publication and outline projects: A detailed budget is to be appended to the application. Overheads are calculated as 20 per cent of salary costs and associated salary costs. The project plan is to be written in Swedish, or in some exceptional cases in English. Follow the Academy of Finland's research plan guidelines where applicable.

  • Publication Plan

    Please append a separate publication plan to your application (for research projects in step 2 only). Any costs of open access publication must be factored into the budget.

  • Data Management Plan

    A data management plan for the research material must be appended to the application if the research will involve data processing, digitisation, technical solutions and/or archiving. Data management costs must be included in the budget. For research projects, a data management plan is only submitted in step 2.

  • Digitisation

    If the intention of the project is to digitise large amounts of material that is only available in paper format in the SLS archives and/or to publish digital material, this must be agreed with SLS before the application is submitted. The same applies if the project will involve the use of SLS’ data systems or system solutions developed by SLS for digitisation. Digitisation costs must be included in the budget. For research projects, this only applies in step 2 of the application process.

  • Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

    Mandatory for project heads.

    The curriculum vitae must comply with the Template for a researcher’s curriculum vitae provided by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK).

  • List of Publications

    Mandatory for project heads. Research projects in step 2 of the application process must provide a list of publications for all the researchers taking part in the project.

    The list of publications is to be drawn up in accordance with the Academy of Finland’s guidelines, see Guidelines for complete list of publications.

  • References and recommendations

    We do not accept written recommendations in conjunction with the application, but you may specify individuals who can provide references for your research project if required.

  • Are you employed by SLS?

    SLS employees who will be taking part in a research or outline project should enclose a letter from their sector/function manager stating that leave can be granted.