Information To Funding Recipients

We will contact everyone who has been awarded a grant, research funding, project funding or a post-doctoral research position by e-mail. Please requisition the grant/research funding in good time, preferably at least three weeks before your preferred date of payment.

The names of those awarded prizes, grants and funding are made public once SLS has made its decision. The names of recipients will be published on the SLS website.  

Note: If you have been granted funding by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, please see their website for more information about the next step of the process.

  • Deferment and utilisation

    Grants and research funding are reserved for the recipient for one year from the date on which the applicant received confirmation of the grant/research funding awarded. At the end of the first year, the recipient can apply for a further deferment of no more than one year.

    The time period for utilising a grant may be extended due to military service, maternity/paternity leave, care leave, protracted illness, or another valid reason.

    A request for extension of the time period is submitted to SLS’ Research Administrator.

    The recipient of a grant is required to notify SLS if they are not going to utilise their grant or are only going to use part of it. SLS determines whether any repayment is required.

  • Taxation

    The grants are tax-free up to the limit set by the tax authorities. If the recipient’s total amount of grant for the fiscal year exceeds the maximum tax-free limit, the recipient will be taxed on the amount that exceeds this limit. Grants and research funding are to be specified in the recipient’s income tax return. SLS notifies the tax authorities of all grants and research funding awarded.

  • Pension and accident insurance

    Pursuant to the Finnish Act requiring pension and accident insurance for grant holders, recipients of grants must take out pension and accident insurance with the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela). This insurance is compulsory and applies to people resident in Finland. The premium to be paid is approximately 14 per cent of the total grant awarded. The recipient takes out the insurance. SLS informs Mela of the grants and funding awarded.

  • Information for recipients of post-doctoral research positions

    For the funding granted by SLS to be paid out, the university must confirm that it is accepting the researcher.

    For the post-doctoral research positions that SLS chooses to finance, research agreements are entered into between the university, SLS and the researcher.

  • Publications

    One copy of all publications, printed and digital, must be sent to Seminar and Grant Coordinator Kajsa Rytikoski (xnwfn.elgvxbfxv@fyf.svif.sls@iksokityr.asjak or PB 158, 00171 Helesinki).