23.11.2018 -
10:00 till 17:30

Auditorium Aura, Arken, Åbo Akademi University, Fabriksgatan 2, Åbo

Seminar: Revolts, revolt communication and political cultures

Welcome to the seminar Revolts, Revolt Communication and Political Cultures. In recent years, the so-called Arab Spring has shown the border-crossing ability of political unrest. Early modern governments were also well aware of the transnational character of unrest, and tried to control and influence both national and transnational information through various means.

The seminar’s focus is primarily on the early modern period with a geographical emphasis on Northern Europe (incl. Russia). The aim of the seminar is to depict specific international cases of unrest and the communicating of these events by asking how information was produced and spread both nationally and transnationally. The seminar also discusses continuities and ruptures in revolt movement and political cultures, and will expand beyond the early modern period to discuss e.g. the historiography of the Club War and the labor movement in the modern period.

The goal of the seminar is to demonstrate how the level of communication expanded over time and how subaltern contestation develops into perpetual and more or less institutionalized forms.


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10.00  Opening of conference / welcoming words

10.05  Keynote lecture by Malte Griesse: Extension of communicative space in early modern revolts: From local evil to common good

10.50  Comments / discussion. Commentator Kimmo Katajala

11.15  Short break

11.30  Presentations I
      Johan Holm: The revolts that went missing!
      Miriam Rönnqvist: Fear created metaphors and metaphors created fear. Revolt communication in early modern Sweden

12.10  Comments / discussion

12.30  Lunchbreak

13.45  Presentations II 
      Kasper Kepsu: Peasant resistance in the Swedish province of Ingria in the late 17th century
      Ilona Pikkanen: The Club War and its 19th-century Fictions: an Intermedial Approach to Revolt Communication)

14.30  Comments / discussion

15.00  Coffee break                                          

15.30 Presentations III – Political cultures, everyday resistance
      Nils Erik Villstrand: Early modern everyday resistance – so what?
      Matias Kaihovirta: A longue durée of politics from below? The political culture of the ironworkers in early 20th century Finland

16.10  Comments / discussion

16.30  Summarizing discussion / panel discussion (moderated by Ann-Catrin Östman, panel; Charlotta Wolff, Johan Holm and Malte Griesse)





The event is held in Turku at Åbo Akademi University
In Auditorium Aura in Arken


If you have any questions or comments please contact Miriam Rönnqvist at miriam.ronnqvist@abo.fi

Seminar: Revolts, revolt communication and political cultures