The SLS Archives document contemporary society and lifestyles with questionnaires. The questionnaires are generally published on the Internet where anyone can respond to them, and are also sent to respondents who continuously answer SLS questionnaires, or to other interested parties who would like to contribute. Questionnaires were first sent out in the 1950s and since then, 1–2 questionnaires have been published each year.

The purpose of the questionnaires is to collect material that sheds light on a variety of questions and to document contemporary life. In recent years, collection activities have focused on ways of celebrating birthdays, luck and omens, pets, computer experiences, and how people experience their own language. Certain themes are particularly valuable to document at regular intervals. How we live and how we dress, what we eat, relationships within the family and within the extended family are examples of phenomena that can be studied with the aid of questionnaires over a period of time.

For a comprehensive list of questionaires (in Swedish), click here.