Publishing House

SLS ger ut cirka 15 titlar årligen. Foto: SLS/Osmo Leppälä

The Society of Swedish Literature publishes scholarly literature and specialist literature in the fields of history, literature, language, society and culture connected to Swedish-speaking Finland. SLS also specialises in scholarly editions of literary authors and publishes scholarly editions with commentary such as letters, diaries and travelogues. Our motto is “Sustainable publishing”, which stands for a high scholarly and specialist literary standard and topicality over time, and environmentally aware production. SLS publishes approximately fifteen titles per year, principally in Swedish. A number of SLS’s authors and books have received prizes and awards.

Our publications include manuscripts by outstanding authors, editors and publishers, but also by researchers with ties to SLS. In addition, some manuscripts – mainly scholarly editions – are produced by SLS’s own staff.

As a scholarly publisher, SLS places particular emphasis on the publications’ meeting the criteria of scholarly accuracy, effective use of language and exquisite design. All our publications have undergone peer review. Since the SLS is a non-profit society, scholarly and cultural aspects are of vital importance when deciding on which books to publish. Purely commercial considerations are secondary.

Through cooperation with Swedish publishers, our books reach readers in Sweden. Some titles are also published in translation by other publishers. SLS cooperates with Bokförlaget Atlantis in Stockholm and the Publishing House of the Finnish Literature Society (SKS).

Major titles in progress

Book publishing is one of the main activities of SLS, as it has been ever since the Society was founded in 1885. Historical scholarly editions and annotated critical editions form an important part of our publishing and SLS is one of the leading publishers of critical editions in the Nordic region. There are currently three major publishing projects in progress:

  • Author and historian Zacharias Topelius’ extensive output is being published in a historical-critical, annotated edition entitled Zacharias Topelius Skrifter (Works by Zacharias Topelius). This edition is being published digitally ( with a wide selection also available in print.
  • Modernist Henry Parland’s poetry, prose, criticism and letters will be published in a scholarly edition. The annotated edition will be available in print and digitally.

Read more about our scholarly editions and other publication projects here.