Publication projects

The Society of Swedish Literature publishes scholarly literature and specialist literature in the fields of history, literature, language, society and culture connected to Swedish-speaking Finland. SLS publications are to be of a high scholarly and specialist literary standard and topicality over time, and produced in an environmentally aware way. SLS is one of the leading publishers of critical editions in the Nordic region and is currently working on a number of major critical and annotated editions. Our publications are generally associated with a number of major projects, both ongoing and completed.

Scholarly editions

SLS has been publishing scholarly editions for a long time and is a pioneer in the development of digital platforms for this purpose. To date, the collected literary works of Johan Ludvig Runeberg in twenty volumes is our biggest publication. Our editions include scholarly, critical and annotated editions of older works, including both fiction and non-fiction – often of entire authorships. Besides the work itself, our scholarly editions include an account of how the work came into being and its reception as well as commentary providing information about the work, the individuals and factual circumstances contained in it, and a glossary of difficult or unusual words. Our editions also include accounts of the changes that the author made to the manuscript or in subsequent revisions of the work. The purpose of this is to provide as comprehensive a picture of the work or authorship as possible, and to make the works accessible for later-generation readers.

A list of current and completed publication projects is presented below (mainly in Swedish).