Project Funding Application Instructions

Funding for research projects may be applied for by research teams. Single-person projects are permitted, but only when the applicant is a post-doctoral researcher, and no more than four years have elapsed since the public defence of his/her doctoral thesis.

Funding for collection, publication and outline projects can be applied for by research teams.

Applications may only be submitted electronically and by the project manager. Applications may be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

Research projects are to be based on scientific research with the aim of adding to the existing body of knowledge.

Collection projects are to be related to the SLS archives and deal with major collections and/or the digitisation of material for the archives.

Publication projects such as scholarly editions of the works and/or correspondence of individuals (such as authors, scholars or cultural identities). Projects that result in e.g. dictionaries and handbooks are also included here.

Outline projects are projects with the intention to conduct an in-depth analysis and review of the research completed in respect of an issue which concerns the Swedish-speaking population in Finland. These projects may also include new research. The end result is an outline work, often in several volumes.

Applications for funding for research projects comprise a two-step process. A short description of the project is submitted first, a maximum of 6,000 characters long. Upon request, the applicant then submits a longer project plan of no more than 20,000 characters. In applications in respect of collection, publication and outline projects, the project plan must not exceed 20,000 characters. The font size is to be at least 12 point.

The research or project plan must not contain any tables, graphs, pictures, lists of references or bibliography. These must be appended to the electronic application as attachments in PDF format.

For research projects, the longer version of the research plan is to comply with the Academy of Finland’s instructions (see Research Plan). There are no such restrictions on the shorter project description.

Applications for funding for collection, publication and outline projects must comply with the relevant parts of the Academy of Finland’s instructions.

(Appended as an attachment in PDF format). Mandatory for project managers in research projects as well as collection, publication and outline projects. The CV should conform to the ethical principles of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity, see Model curriculum vitae for researchers.

(Appended to the application as an attachment in PDF format) Mandatory for doctors applying for grants. The Publications list is to be drawn up in accordance with the Academy of Finland’s instructions – see the Publications List.

You must specify the period during which the SLS funding will be used (the time period and number of months). The budget is to state the amount that you are applying for from SLS and the total amount for the project must be specified.

If you wish, you may specify individuals who can provide references for your research project if required. Written recommendations must not be submitted with your application.

Indicate any concomitant applications to other funding bodies for the same purpose as the application to SLS.

Please do not send attachments separately by ordinary mail. Do not include your research or project plan as an attachment, since these are to be included in the application form itself. Please note that they will not be taken into consideration if provided as an attachment.

The maximum size of attachments is 3 MB and they must be in PDF format.

If the conduction of the research requires a research permit or a statement by an ethics committee, this must be attached.