Membership Application

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland invites all who support SLS’s objectives and activities to apply for membership.

As a member, you will receive the SLS member magazine Källan, which is published in Swedish twice per year, as well as the SLS yearbooks in the series Historiska och litteraturhistoriska studier (Studies in History and Literary History). In addition, members can buy SLS books at a discount of 50 per cent (this discount applies to one copy of each book) from Bookstore Tiedekirja.

The membership fee is EUR 25 per year for annual memberships and EUR 800 (one-time fee) for life membership.

For more information, phone +358 (0) 9 618 777 or e-mail

You will receive a letter by mail after your application has been approved.

You can also apply for membership online:

Application form (only available in Swedish)