Information to Grant Recipients

SLS informs applicants that have been awarded a grant or research funding by ordinary mail.

Requisitions and summary reports may be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

N.B. If you have been granted funding by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, kindly refer to

Firstly, request the grant electronically. Then print out the requisition form, sign it and send it by ordinary mail to SLS. Please do this in good time, preferably at least three weeks before your preferred date of payment. Grants are paid in one or at most two instalments.

To the reqvisition form (in Swedish only)

A party who has been awarded and received a grant from SLS undertakes to:

(a) utilise the funds for the purpose specified in the application

(b) account for the use of the funds (for more details see below)

(c) provide information about the funding source in all publications, on web pages, at seminars and in any other material published within the project by using SLS and the fund’s logos, which can be downloaded from the SLS website

(d) take out a pension and accident insurance policy with the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela) (if the grant is a work-related grant lasting for at least four months per year). This applies to grant recipients residing in Finland.

You must submit electronically a summary report describing how the grant has been used within 14 months of having received the grant. Individuals who have been awarded a travel grant are required to specify their costs (travel, accommodation, participation fees, etc). You do not need to attach tickets or receipts to your summary report. If you do not submit your summary report within the specified period, you may miss out on future grants and research funding.

Your summary report should summarise how the research, the project, etc. has progressed during the time you received funding from SLS. You should also include any journal articles or papers that you have published and specify the courses and seminars you have attended/participated in. If the research has not proceeded according to plan during the funding period, you must give an explanation.

To the summary report (in Swedish only)

Grants are reserved for the recipient for one year from the time that the applicant received confirmation of the grant/research funding awarded. At the end of the first year, the recipient may submit a written request by ordinary mail or e-mail a further deferment of no more than one year. This request must be submitted to the SLS Research Secretary. Thus, applicants have a total of two years in which to take out the grant.

The time period for utilising a grant may be extended due to military service, maternity/paternity or care leave, protracted illness or for other valid reasons. In such cases, the applicant must submit a written request for an extension to the SLS Research Secretary.

The recipient of a grant is required to notify SLS if she/he is not going to utilise the grant or only part thereof. SLS determines whether any repayment is required.

For residents of Finland, grants are tax-free up to the limit determined by the tax authorities. If the total amount of the grant for the fiscal year exceeds the maximum tax-free limit, the recipient will be taxed for the amount that exceeds this limit. Grants are to be specified in the recipient’s income tax return. SLS notifies the tax authorities of all s grants awarded.

Pursuant to the Lag om ändring av lagen om olycksfallsförsäkring för lantbruksföretagare 992/2008 (a Finnish Act requiring pension and accident insurance for grant holders) which came into force on 1 January 2009, recipients of scholarships and grants must take out a pension and accident insurance policy with the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela). This insurance is compulsory and applies to residents of Finland and also to working groups. This statutory requirement applies if the grant amounts to a certain minimum sum, and if the period set aside for the research, studies, etc. or the period of leave is at least 4 months of the year. The premium to be paid is approximately 14 per cent of the total scholarship/grant awarded. SLS informs Mela of the grants it has awarded, but the recipient of the grant must take out the insurance policy him/herself.

This applies to grant recipients residing in Finland.

The names of those awarded prizes and grants are made public immediately after SLS has made its decision. The names of recipients are also published on the SLS website (in Swedish).