Grants, Project Funding and Prizes

Prisutdelning på SLS årshögtid 2014. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola

Grants, project funding and prizes

Individuals, working groups and organisations can apply to SLS for grants. SLS is not a general philanthropic fund and it does not grant funding for the general activities of associations.

SLS awards grants on application from special funds for the purposes determined by their donors, and awards research grants from budget resources set aside for this purpose. Applications for grants are accepted twice a year in February and in September.

SLS also publishes calls for applications for research project funding, as well as collection, publication and outline projects separately. Research scholars working on any topic concerning the Swedish culture in Finland may apply for a grant from SLS whatever their own language or nationality may be.

Calls for applications for research project funding are published annually or biannually at the end of November. The application window is the month of January.

Calls for applications for funding of archival publication and survey projects are published every other year or every third year and the application window is either the month of March or April.

Research projects are to be based on scholarly research with the aim of adding to the existing body of knowledge.

Archival projects are to be related to the SLS archives and deal with collecting material for the archives and/or the digitisation of material for the archives.

Examples of publication projects are scholarly editions, or projects that aim to result in dictionaries and handbooks, for example.

Survey projects are projects involving in-depth analysis and reviews of research related to the Swedish culture, history, society, language, literature or ethnology in Finland. These projects may also include new research.

Prizes for literary and research activities are awarded annually without application to authors and scholars who have written about Swedish or Swedish-speaking Finland.

For more information, please contact

Kajsa Rytikoski, Research Secretary (+358 9 618 771 19, or
Christer Kuvaja, Head of Resarch (+358 9 618 771 01, 


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