Finland-Swedish Folk Music Institute

Foto: Janne Rentola

The Finland-Swedish Folk Music Institute is a part of SLS that functions as an information centre for Finland-Swedish folk music and dance. The Institute serves musicians, researchers, students, associations, the mass media as well as the public.

The Institute collects, preserves and publishes historical folk music material and material relating to contemporary folk music and folk dance. Folk musical material (under the FMI mark) can also be searched for in the SLS main catalogue in Arkiva. SLS also publishes books about traditional music, sheet music and song books and releases folk music CDs. You can order them directly from us or through Bookstore Tiedekirja.

The Finland-Swedish Folk Music Institute arranges seminars, courses and folk music workshops. The Institute cooperates on research and data collection projects relating to Finland-Swedish music and dance traditions.

The Finland-Swedish Folk Music Institute is located in Vaasa.

For contact information, more information about the opening hours etc., see SLS Customer Service.