Financial Board

The Financial Board carries the responsibility for SLS’s financial and investment activities.

The Financial Board meets four times per year. The Treasurer is the head of the Financial Board.


  • Magnus Bargum. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola
    Magnus Bargum
    Chairman of the Financial Board
  • Johan Aalto. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola
    Johan Aalto
    Attorney at law
  • Jannica Fagerholm. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola
    Jannica Fagerholm
    M.Sc. (Econ.)
  • Henriksson
    Anna-Maja Henriksson
    LL.M., Member of Parliament
  • Ole Johansson. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola
    Ole Johansson
    B.Sc. (Econ.)