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The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) accepts donations for the formation of funds that serve the purposes of SLS or the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The SLS Archives accept donations of archival material from both individuals and organisations.

More information about what a donation entails can be found below.


Donations and funds

Donations form the foundation for SLS’s activities. For more than 130 years, the generous donations of far-sighted individuals have made it possible for SLS to collect, preserve, explore and spread knowledge about Finland’s Swedish cultural heritage and about the work of past generations for the lasting benefit of Finland and its culture; and through the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland these donations have supported Swedish culture and education and the Swedish language in Finland.

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland is one of the biggest and oldest administrators of philanthropic funds for the public benefit in Finland. In managing the funds, SLS activities focus on stability, long-term goals and the utmost respect for the donor’s faith and trust in the Society.

SLS owns and manages funds which serve the purposes of the Society, as well as funds serving the purposes of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. Currently, SLS manages some 600 funds, of which approximately 480 constitute the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The oldest fund is from 1886.


How is a fund established?

It is easy to establish a new fund that serves the purposes of either SLS or the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. By means of a deed of gift or bequest, assets can be transferred to the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland to form funds for the public benefit. Financial means bequeathed or donated are used to establish funds which, unless otherwise determined, are to remain in existence for all time. SLS strictly follows the donor’s wishes with respect as to how the donated means are used.

Funds can serve the general purposes of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland or of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The donor may also determine that his/her fund is to support some specific purpose for the public benefit, as specified in the deed. Examples of these are the SLS prize funds. The yield from these funds is used by SLS to reward authors and scholars.

Feel free to contact SLS to discuss any matters related to donations, bequests and the establishment of a new fund. SLS provides free expertise to help you draw up a deed of gift or a bequest in favour of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland or the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

In conjunction with donations, agreements can also be drawn up concerning the care of the graves and archives of the donor and his/her close relatives. SLS is currently responsible for the care and management of almost 200 graves, and the SLS Archives contain a large amount of material from our donors.

In general, the funds received by way of donations are managed jointly with SLS’s other funds. The interest from SLS’s jointly managed fund assets is distributed after deductions for administrative costs among the funds in proportion to their capital.

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland is not liable for taxation on the bequests or gifts that the Society receives.

Finnish companies and other organisations may deduct their donations to SLS up to EUR 50,000 per year from their taxable income. Private individuals in Finland are not entitled to a tax deduction for their donations.

Donors who are resident for tax purposes in a country other than Finland are kindly requested to contact SLS for more information.

Contact us:

Dag Wallgren

Managing Director

Phone: +358 9 618 772 25 or +358 40 522 46 48


Brev som donerats till SLS arkiv. Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola

Donations to the SLS Archives

SLS accepts archival materials as donations. When the material is donated to the SLS Archives, it will be preserved for posterity and made accessible for scholarly research and to the general public in accordance with the purpose of SLS, which is to collect, process and publish testimonies to the origins and development of the Swedish culture in Finland. The SLS Archives operate in accordance with a set of principles for the collection and receipt of material. If your material falls outside our collection domains, we can help direct you to the right archives for your material.

See collection principles for the SLS Archives

Contact us if you would like to discuss a donation:

Collections in Helsinki

Material in the fields of history and history of literature: Maria Miinalainen, phone: +358 9 618 773 36, e-mail:

Material in the field of folkloristics:Yrsa Lindqvist, phone: +358 9 618 774 52,

Material in the field of linguistics: Pamela Gustavsson, phone: +358 9 618 774 58,

Books: Martin Ginström, phone: +358 9 618 774 66,

Collections in Vaasa

Local historical materials and folkloristics material from Ostrobothnia: Pia Uppgård, phone: +358 6 319 56 13,

Folk music material: Birgitta Eklund-Strang, Finland-Swedish Folk Music Institute, phone: +358 6 319 56 04,