Collection Projects

Ever since it was founded in 1885, the Society of Swedish Literature has collected and preserved intangible cultural heritage of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland. The SLS Archives collect ethnographic and historical material and accept archival records as donations. When donating to the Archives, you take part in the creation of the Finland-Swedish cultural heritage. Our collection activities serve the needs of both current and future research and increase the knowledge of Swedish history and culture in Finland. The material collected is archived and made available to researchers, students and the public via our Customer Service and also in part on the Internet.

The SLS Archives document the present and our past by calling for materials of certain interest as well as through questionnaires, web surveys, recordings and field work. SLS aims to collect material that sheds light on various issues and documents Finland-Swedish intangible cultural heritage. Examples include oral traditions and oral history, social practises, festivity customs and ceremonies, and cultural expressions. In recent years, SLS has collected information about ways of celebrating birthdays, luck and omens, pets, computer experiences, folk music and how people experience their own language. Certain themes are particularly interesting to document at regular intervals. How we live and how we dress, what we eat, relationships within the family and the extended family are examples of phenomena that are interesting to study over time. The SLS Archives also collaborate with universities and organisations in respect of various collection activities.

A list of current and completed collection projects is presented below (in Swedish).