Collection principles for the SLS Archives

Material in the fields of history and history of literature

The SLS Archives accept material relating to literature, intellectual history, the history of families and individuals as well as subject areas more generally related to cultural history. 

What we accept

  • Material of a private nature that has belonged to authors, cultural figures, scholars, families, manor houses, etc.
  • Archival material that has belonged to members of the culturally-interested Finland-Swedish general public, provided that the material is of particular interest for research
  • The archives of scholarly associations and organisations related primarily to history and the history of literature, linguistics and the social sciences
  • Company archives of specifically Finland-Swedish companies, such as publishing house archives
  • Literary magazine archives
  • Material representing a unique, pioneering activity within its area.

What we do not accept

  • Public authority documents, company archives, school archives and archival material of only local relevance
  • Copies and extracts from documents found in other archives (for example genealogical materials)
  • Material related to archives previously lodged with another archive
  • Bank statements, receipts and bank books
  • Tax returns and tax certificates
  • Documents dealing with health status (prescriptions, medical records, health insurance, etc.).
Material in the fields of folkloristics, local history, folk music and linguistics

What we accept

  • Written materials, recordings, documents and photographs that deal with the lives, language or traditions of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland.
  • Folk music material, including historical material, such as sound recordings, photographs, musical notation, song books, films, video recordings.
  • Materials related to the culture and history of the Swedish-speaking population of Ostrobothnia. The material may include various types of handwritten manuscripts, letters, diaries, academic records, photographs, audio tapes or films. We also accept the archives of associations and organisations.