Asset Management

The Society of Swedish Literature manages assets, valued at the end of 2017 at approximately EUR 1.7 billion, comprised of SLS and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland funds. The aim of SLS’s asset management is a stable and predictable yield. This yield finances SLS’s activities, prizes and scholarships and SKF’s grants. SLS’s asset management also strives to achieve a good overall return on capital invested to secure the real value of the assets and the purchasing power of its liquid resources in the long term.

SLS’s investment policy in brief

SLS invests primarily in listed Finnish and Swedish companies that operate internationally. SLS prefers stable and established companies with the potential, or good capacity, to pay dividends, a strong market position and balance sheet, and good profitability. Direct shareholdings are complemented by investments in share investment funds and other equity-related instruments, real estate and interest-rate instruments.

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