Foto: SLS/Janne Rentola

The SLS Archives are a rich source of knowledge about Swedish-speaking Finland, its history, traditions, literature, languages, everyday life and folk music. The archives contain cultural and historical material comprising everything from manuscripts and photographs to audio and video recordings, and maps. SLS also documents contemporary society via questionnaires and field work.

The SLS Archives are located and serve customers in Helsinki and in Vaasa. Archival material can be studied in SLS’s reading rooms.

Some of our digitized archival material can be accessed from here at SLS is making an increasing amount of its archival material available online. You can carry out your own searches in our databases. Find out more here on under the tab Archives and library. SLS’s archival material is also available at the national libraries and archives portal Finna, on the photography community Flickr and in Europeana Collections, the EU digital platform for cultural heritage.

We are pleased to offer you advice and information within our specialist areas.

The SLS Archives accept culture-historical material in the form of donations.

For contact details, more information about opening hours etc., see SLS Customer Service.