Data Protection and Register Description

When applicants submit applications for grants to the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, they provide personal information about themselves to SLS. From this information, SLS compiles a personal data register. The right of SLS to collect, register, use and otherwise process personal data is regulated by Finland’s Personal Data Act.

Under the Personal Data Act, everyone has the right to know the nature of any information that has or has not been stored about them in a personal data register. The controller of the register is required to provide the registered person with information about what sources have been used to compile the register and the purposes for which the information given in the register is used and disclosed.

Under the Personal Data Act, in some cases right of access may be denied, and there is no right of access at all to data collected solely for scholarly research or for statistical purposes.

Requests for access to check the information contained in a register must be made to SLS in writing or in person at SLS Customer Service.
Such information must be provided in an intelligible form and, on request, it must also be provided in writing. It is free of charge to check this information once per year.
Names and other particulars in the application for a grant from SLS may be shared with other organisations that award scholarships and grants even before SLS has made its decision on the award of the scholarship/grant.

The names of those who have been awarded grants, as well as the purpose and amount of the scholarship/grant are published on the SLS website and in the media after the Society has made its decisions.

You can read more information about how SLS manages its grants register, and the right of access to the information held in the register, in the register description.

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