About the Digitized Material

SLS’s website provides access to digitised material in a number of ways.

Our photographs on Flickr are free for you to download and use. The albums include images from a Helsinki that no longer exists as well as images of J.L. Runeberg and his family, photographs taken by Edith Södergran, Zacharias Topelius’ family photographs, photographer Karl Emil Ståhlberg’s studio portraits, etc. There is also an album entitled Unknown places. You are welcome to assist us in the identification of these images!

Our online exhibitions feature archival material concerning various persons, places or themes. On these pages, you can read about photographer Karl Emil Ståhlberg, about the development of the photograph and the evolution of the image – about image manipulation in the nineteenth century. The photography exhibition Vasa förr och nu (Vaasa past and present) shows places in Vaasa that have changed over time, Stadsvandringar (City tours) takes you to places in Helsinki and presents a variety of their unofficial names, and Hundra år av resande (A century of travel) shows images from the Archives related to travel in the twentieth century. You can also read approximately twenty presentations of Finland-Swedish authors. SLS holds an archive for each of the authors presented and they have been chosen for presentation here on our website as part of the celebrations of their jubilee years.

Our web publications in digital humanities are informative and comprehensive collections that combine digitised raw materials with search capabilities in order to describe, visualise and analyse digital data in the humanities. Our web publications are aimed for specialists, researchers and others who are looking for a searchable body of material that is rich in content for research. We offer Albert Edelfelts brev (Albert Edelfelt’s letters), Zacharias Topelius skrifter (Works by Zacharias Topelius), Finlandssvenska bebyggelsenamn (Finland-Swedish settlement names), Finlands svenska folkdiktning (Finland-Swedish popular poetry) and the project Spara talet (Saving the spoken language).

Our digital archival material is also available via the national search portal Finna and in Europeana, the digital library of the European Union.