The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland is a scholarly organisation that preserves, develops and mediates the Swedish cultural heritage in Finland.

The Society is a versatile and future-oriented cultural institution of Finland-Swedish literature, culture and research. The meaning of the word ‘literature' is to be understood in a broad context. The traditional meaning of ‘learned studies' includes, among others, literature (both fiction and non-fiction), research, the mediation of oral and written traditions, as well as philology and linguistics.

The geographic area of activity covers all Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. The aims of the Society are realised through the archives and the library, the publishing unit, the research unit, the distribution of scholarships and the financial administration. The activities are made possible through sound financial backing.

The Society of Swedish Literature is one of the large managers of public funds in Finland. The Society owns and administers the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The activities of the Society are founded mainly by private donations.  

Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland | Ritarikatu 5, 00170 Helsinki | Phone: +358 9 618 777 | info(a)